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This review may contain spoilers.

Went into this excited.

I really enjoy that, while this movie is an exploration of how far our dependency on technology will go, it doesn't take itself too seriously. Small scenes that poke fun at the future of gaming really lighten the mood.

I've always loved Joaquin Phoenix and he doesn't disappoint in Her. I started finding my own anti-social behaviors in Theodore.

Amy Adams was great. I enjoyed watching her get attached to an OS from Theodore's perspective.

ScarJo's voice was great. Great inflections. I guess my only critique was that her OS learned Theodore's phrasing and breathing emphasis entirely too fast. I had hoped that there would be more of a progression from regular non-human breathing talk from a computer to a more human like breathing in speech. I think that one could claim that this was the first ever AI OS and as such was quick enough to learn human vocal cues extremely fast.

Chris Pratt was a welcomed laugh in this film. Typical Chris Pratt-isms but I can't help but enjoy his isms every time.

This movie leaves me with one thought in light of our culture. Technology gives us an amazing sense of connection but will always leave us wanting.

Thank you, Spike Jonze.

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