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  • The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ

    The Life and Passion of Jesus Christ


    Remarkably preserved early film about the cult figure of White Christ. This is purely of the "words to tell you what you are about to see" then "filmed version of what we said you are about to see". Not uncommon of this time. Some of the longer films of this time period (meaning 00-09 or there-abouts) I find occasionally tedious but this one isn't that way. There were Melies-like special effects for those who like early special effect films and…

  • Images de la folie

    Images de la folie


    "Film shot as part of the International Exhibition of Art Psychopathology on the occasion of the First World Congress of Psychiatrists" (from the website "histoire de la folie"). A documentary that shows many pictures painted by people afflicted with mental illness. Some of the images are whimsical and enjoyable but some are downright scary and nasty and surreal. The narrator gets a little melodramatic at times which was amusing.

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  • Angel Has Fallen

    Angel Has Fallen


    It's fine. End of summer fine. We don't need another of this series yet here it is and it will entertain Joe Blow and Nancy Dean.

    Mike Banning saved the White House and London and now he saves the president. Again. This time there is an assassination attempt on the president's life and Mike is blamed. He has to run from the law and find out who the bad guys are and save the president from getting assassinated. Really most…

  • Traffic Crossing Leeds Bridge

    Traffic Crossing Leeds Bridge


    It is really interesting to see this first films. It is only a couple to three seconds of pedestrians and a horse drawn vehicle but this is film history and a glimpse into the past. How can it NOT be interesting?