La La Land

La La Land ★★★★★

there's something so Right about iPhones being in this movie. it didn't try to act old. it was classy, it knew where it was without being coy about it. 

the first two thirds are utterly sweet. it was everything I expected from what I'd seen in the promos, and I still felt dissatisfied. I knew there had to be something more. and then they fucking walked out the stage door with the last third. 

this movie has been such a consolation. it feels like the first trip I took to disneyworld as a teenager. I hadn't remembered my first time since I was so young. there's this magic in the air, and everyone believes it so much that you do too. but then adolescence had taught me to be skeptical, to question these things and to check my blind spots. and then I saw the fireworks presentation at Epcot. and the looks on the faces of my loved ones when they were completely enamored with the rides and the shows and the presentations. when a child tells me to never lose hope over loudspeakers during the fireworks presentation at magic kingdom, I'm gonna fucking fall head over heels for believing. we're told to dream without boundaries when we're kids, then we grow up and suddenly were supposed to limit ourselves to be realistic. fuck that noise. this one goes out to the dreamers. 

and the last third hits you so hard. you see this love that is inexplicable and fueled purely by attraction to true passion in what each character believes in. just to love and be loved and set it free. this future, unwritten, the unless, and the reality of it all. because their true loves were their passions, above anything else, even each other. 

in the past week I've been struggling through the routine of days and short nights.  i told my friends dad that I was going to study English last weekend and he told me it would be tough to be any kind of writer. I began to doubt myself. was this what i wanted? would I be willing to sacrifice? and I can say with all my heart, that I would. because all I ever want to do is reach hearts with words. I now realize I have already.

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