Stop Making Sense

Stop Making Sense ★★★★★

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I've seen David Byrne twice in my life. Once was at the premiere of St. Vincent's Self Titled tour where he was sitting on the balcony right next to me. People kept looking up at him like "I wonder what David Byrne thinks about this track." I would only realize this later but she had quite a lot of homages to this special in that performance.

The second time I saw David Byrne was at an Arcade Fire benefit show raising money for Haiti, hosted by Raine Wilson. David Byrne played a few Talking Heads tracks with Arcade Fire, during which I nearly got into a fist fight with a guy dressed like a beer bottle. In my defense, the neck of the costume was like a hood that stood 3 feet taller than he was and blocked everyone's view, he kept dancing with a drink and spilling it on people, and he tried to grab my arm to remove it from the guard rail so he could take my spot in the front row. I told him if he touched me again I would hurt him, and he went on to bother someone else. A guy tapped me on the shoulder a few seconds later and gave me a thumbs up. As mad as I was at the time, I kind of love that story now.

Anyways, this is the best concert video ever filmed.

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