• Pet Sematary

    Pet Sematary


    Amazon Prime

    Not sure how this stacks up with the original since I haven't seen it, but this was definitely watchable. It didn't really do anything really groundbreaking though (no pun intended)

  • Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes

    Conversations with a Killer: The John Wayne Gacy Tapes



    Even though I thought I remembered this story, it was still incredibly unsettling to see the true extent of his crimes. For some reason I had minimized it in my memory, but the sheer amount of bodies they removed from that crawlspace is pretty sickening. I also never knew that many of them are still unclaimed to this day.

    Sad to see what can be allowed to go on for so long when problems with police forces not being able to communicate meets the sheer indifference of 1970s society when it came to gay men and boys.

  • Crash



    Crave TV

    What the hell was this? I just wanted to watch all the Oscar winners with my parents and now they won't return my calls.

  • The Queen's Gambit

    The Queen's Gambit



    It's a wonder it took me so long to watch this, but since I've been studying chess again this year I figured it was as good of a time as any. This definitely did not disappoint. It's one of those series that's so good you get a little sad when it's over.

    I love how there was something for everyone here, but also quite a lot for chess nerds too. "Hey, they said Caro-Kann, I play that defense!"

    I'm sure I'll be revisiting this every couple of years. Amazing stuff.

  • Saw




    Pretty fitting that the film ends with an awful Nu-Metal track. Much like the subgenre of music, Saw came up with something innovative that would end up spawning a ton of awful copycats and ruining it for everyone.

    I think this one is a lot like the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre, where the memory of the film seems way worse than the actual thing. For a film that spawned an entire subgenre of gross out torture films, the original Saw seems pretty tame in comparison. I think that's what actually makes it more successful than what would come after.

  • Who Killed Captain Alex?

    Who Killed Captain Alex?


    Tubi TV

    After watching Bad Black, I knew a bit more of what to expect from this one, but it was still amazing. The in-film hype man who shouts himself out in every scene is just glorious.

  • Like Me

    Like Me


    I genuinely have no idea how to rate this one. I haven't had such mixed feelings about a film in a long time, which I think is a positive thing overall. I'd rather have filmmakers take chances with their films than to do something completely safe and ordinary.

    This one is really fucking out there. The set design and cinematography are top notch. I love a lot of these shots, but I feel like the film misses the mark in…

  • Malignant



    Crave TV

    I must say, this is one of the first times I've seen full on action scenes in a film that was otherwise purely horror. Very cool and I've come to expect nothing less from James Wan.

    Its also shot in a very dynamic way, I love those weird shots with the super wide angles, and especially that extended overhead tracking shot through the whole house.

    The opening scene had me feeling very unsure, but after throwing the viewer off for a bit, the film finds its footing and really delivers.

  • Morbius


    Morbius? More like...More B.S. amirite?

    *Yes I invented this joke don't look it up

  • Spencer



    Amazon Prime

    This one exceeded my expectations in every way possible. Kristen Stewart was absolutely phenomenal, her best role to date for sure, and the first time I actually forgot I was watching Kristen Stewart on screen.

    I also love how they weren't afraid to get a little weird with some of these scenes. I was expecting another straight up biopic but this one really broke from reality at times and I loved those bits.

    Jury is still out on…

  • C'mon C'mon

    C'mon C'mon


    Amazon Prime

    A masterfully crafted story about the joys and sorrows of parenting. It really highlights the way parenting requires a degree of selflessness along with mountains of patience and understanding. Sometimes as a parent there's no room for considering your own feelings, but the film also highlights the powerful and meaningful memories these experiences are creating as they happen. I needed this reminder today.

  • The Wolf House

    The Wolf House


    Tubi TV

    Wow. I've never seen stop motion used like this in my life. Not only does it use the forms limitless creativity to its advantage, but it also uses its usual drawbacks to its advantage. The jittery camera moves and shifting set pieces that are normally seen as amateurish only serve to enhance the feeling of unease. In fact, some of the most mesmerizing parts to me were small details like the shifting floorboards and paint drips appearing on…