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This review may contain spoilers.

The movie became super fun to watch around the midpoint. Up until then, it was a little slow to really lean into the time manipulation aspect.

The way the script weaves in and out of itself is amazing. That being said, I had a couple issues. For one, I never really emotionally invested in the Protagonist. We don’t really get a reason to care about him. And I didn’t, until the plot got really interesting, and I was kind of tricked into caring about him with how cool the movie was.

The villain was pretty bland as well. His motivations to **spoiler** end the world as a suicide mission was a bit basic and unmotivated I felt. Him having cancer, and it only being randomly mentioned towards the end, kind of made me sigh.

And finally, the whole “we’ve been friends for years” and “I was the leader of the operation the whole time” things are cool, but didn’t seem to serve a purpose. Unless there’s a sequel coming up, but I doubt it.

Not to mention, the rules of time travel are fucking broken in this world. It only makes sense if there’s no free will. But I won’t bother with my issues with that, since it’s a movie, and you just have to go with it.

The dialogue is a bit Shakespearean as well, kind of to the point where I was annoyed, since people don’t ever speak so poetically. 

That being said, credit where it’s due— it’s a pretty great movie. I’ve certainly never seen anything visually like it, or plot wise like it. The story, while it has major flaws, sets up and pays off in so many ways, it kind of blows your mind. It’s not my favorite Nolan film, but it’s up there in my top five probably.

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