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  • Killing Time

    Killing Time


    Ok! I’ve followed some of these guys around and some of their stuff has sucked and some have been pretty good and this one they worked with a new team and I must say, its solid! Right from the editing to the direction. Some script issues and acting was ok. The concept seems to have potential.

    Loved the look of the film however it may have been a tad too dark in some moments but not too shabby.

    Good job guys

  • Freedom Fighters: The Ray

    Freedom Fighters: The Ray


    This really has LGBT content in it....... and it involves the lead title superhero... holy shit. An animated superhero film with a gay hero.. WTF

    this is amazing.

    My brother is gay and has been bullied his entire life so when he and I sat down and watched this together we were so excited. While im not gay it made me excited for my LGBT family and friends to have a hero of their own.

    Bravo DC.

    Time to go pick up some “The Ray” comic books!

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  • Black Is King

    Black Is King


    I really do not care

  • Dark Trepidation III - The Dark War

    Dark Trepidation III - The Dark War

    Is it just me, or did they just get worse as the series went on? And apparently this isn’t even supposed to be the full film, just a short promo for a bigger picture. I truly do not think I even want to bother trying with the full film if they finish it but I might since I dedicated my time to them this much. 

    Good acting from the villain again, I have seen this man in a few shorts now and he’s very solid. Not sure why he’s not in bigger films yet.