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  • Logan Lucky

    Logan Lucky

    Something tremendously moving about Riley Keough's character having the prosthetic arm all ready for Adam Driver's character in the backseat of the getaway car in a duffle bag just after the prison escape. Surprised by the film's grace; forever intimidated by how easy Soderbergh makes it all look. This was gentle and exciting.

  • Dunkirk


    A noble letdown. I sort of just want to type in all caps "you guys have lost your minds" but I don't dislike the film enough to warrant that type of reaction. I get why people are thrilled by this, but I couldn't get there. I would seriously like to check in with those same people in about two months and have them recall for me certain shots or scenes that stuck out for them because I'm not sure they'll…

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  • Inferno


    Felicity Jones: can i get you anything?
    Hanks (with amnesia): uh, yes... it's hot... you drink it in the morning... not tea...
    Felicity Jones: coffee?
    Hanks: yes, coffee.

    best film of 2016

  • Queen of Earth

    Queen of Earth

    Katherine Waterston's failed attempt to get the lights off in her bedroom by throwing a pillow at the light switch is one of the realest things I've ever seen.