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  • The Circle

    The Circle

    Just when I thought John Boyega drinking Cupcake Chardonnay straight from the bottle would be the most ridiculous thing to be found in this movie, one of Bill Paxton's last instances on the big screen (this is his last credited film role) is a moment where his character, who suffers from Multiple sclerosis, is in bed with his wife who is trying to give him an erection with what looked to be a penis pump? -- a private act which…

  • Unforgettable


    Left this movie and actually walked to the wrong car and opened the door (it was somehow unlocked) before realizing what I'd done. Still not sure if my blunder stems from the movie being better than I expected or if I was still shook from the awful Demme news — probably a little bit of both. Hollywood should have turned Heigl heel a long time ago and this film is essentially a 100 minute staring contest between her and the viewer. I blinked first.

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  • Inferno


    Felicity Jones: can i get you anything?
    Hanks (with amnesia): uh, yes... it's hot... you drink it in the morning... not tea...
    Felicity Jones: coffee?
    Hanks: yes, coffee.

    best film of 2016

  • Queen of Earth

    Queen of Earth

    Katherine Waterston's failed attempt to get the lights off in her bedroom by throwing a pillow at the light switch is one of the realest things I've ever seen.