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  • A Cure for Wellness

    A Cure for Wellness

    Torn between the already common criticism of "way too long but strange enough and hella gorgeous that I wouldn't dissuade folks from seeing it" and my instant reaction of maybe just ask a friend who's seeing it to whip out their phone and snap a pic of a catatonic Dane DeHaan doing water aerobics with one of his front teeth missing while also wearing a black swim cap. Somehow both singular and slight.

  • Rings



    The first movie I've ever seen in the cinema (and in general) that I was actively looking up the spoilers for as I watching it. Nice to see Vincent D'Onofrio basically auditioning for the sequel to Don't Breathe as a rageful, bearded blind man named Burke.

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  • Inferno


    Felicity Jones: can i get you anything?
    Hanks (with amnesia): uh, yes... it's hot... you drink it in the morning... not tea...
    Felicity Jones: coffee?
    Hanks: yes, coffee.

    best film of 2016

  • Queen of Earth

    Queen of Earth

    Katherine Waterston's failed attempt to get the lights off in her bedroom by throwing a pillow at the light switch is one of the realest things I've ever seen.