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  • Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut


    “The important thing is...we’re awake now.”

    The swansong of a master craftsman, Stanley Kubrick’s Eyes Wide Shut, is, at its core, an odyssey of intimacy, mutual jealously, and self-betrayal. Its approach to the human condition is incredibly layered, as is every aspect of filmmaking at work. Bill Harford’s physical and mental descent is catalyzed by Alice, his wife, and her threat of infidelity, and they both experience an awakening as to what’s important after coming close to destroying the relationship.…

  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel


    I can appreciate that a film of this nature centers around a plot that doesn’t threaten the world as we know it (we know how obnoxious those have gotten); however, this might be the only aspect of Captain Marvel that hasn’t been tried endlessly and beaten to the ground. The filmmaking is utterly robotic, the dialogue uninspired and often laughable, the action scenes a mess to witness, and it’s wholly lacking in stakes. It has its enjoyable moments, and the first…

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  • Alien



    It’s got a wonderful defense mechanism.”

    Alien is one of the most sexually driven films I’ve experienced, even without innuendos or any hint towards actual sexual activity. There are many instances of blatant visualizations of genitalia, namely in the design of the Xenomorph itself; in its most disturbing moments, it’s is all too suggestive towards sexually aggressive acts. 

    The synopsis of the entire first half of Alien can be traced parallel to the reproductive process for humans. 

    It all starts as…

  • Hereditary



    My legs felt like air as I left the theater. Hereditary is terrifying and host to disturbing images aplenty. The camerawork is astounding and is the culprit for lots of unsettling, foreboding moments: slow pans and (very) long takes riddle the atmosphere with tension. Toni Collette is absolutely incredible here, and scenes with her at centerstage prove to be many of the film’s highlights. 

    The final act is one of the most harrowing things I’ve experienced in a theater. Utilizing…