Tenet ★★★½

I’ve been very back and forth on this film since I first watched it. On one hand, it’s somewhat flat judging on the level of it’s characters. As well, despite all it’s convolution, all the puzzlebox storytelling, it kind of nullifies all that by unambiguously spelling out it’s point Interstellar-style, that being fate, how, even with the ability to bend time, some things will always remain out of our control. It does benefit from a rewatch though, it’s fun to pick up on details, piece together little connections, like how I noticed Neil is in the opening opera scene, kind of figure more out about the more ambiguous characters in this movie.

Despite it’s flaws, I think it’s well worth seeing for the mind-boggling spectacle of it alone. It breaks my mind to wonder how they thought of such an inventive high-concept, even more so to wonder how they applied it and managed to put together these insane, creative, mostly practical set pieces together. I can’t think of a single other post-CGI era movie that made me go “how did they do that?” more times than this one. I don’t think everything Christopher Nolan touches is a masterpiece, but he’s a blockbuster filmmaker who doesn’t rely on CGI as a crutch and isn’t afraid to be ambitious and weird and for that I think we shouldn’t take him for granted.

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