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  • Buffalo '66
  • PlayTime
  • Fantastic Planet
  • Until the End of the World

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  • Tokyo Godfathers


  • Heavy Metal


  • Persepolis


  • The Color of Friendship


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  • The Pied Piper

    The Pied Piper


    this movie could be three hours longer and I would love the hell out of every second

    if you’re wondering what on earth this is, just watch the trailer
    if those two minutes don’t completely blow your mind, you probably have a Ron Howard movie in your top four

  • Blue Giant

    Blue Giant



    I fucking love jazz! and I fucking love jazzy anime!
    and this movie absolutely killed it in all regards!

    wonderful story, charming directing, neat editing, and incredible music,
    I’m just in awe at this movie, and I can’t wait for it to officially release in the US

    only complaint was that they occasionally used 3D modeling animation that looked pretty wonky next to everything else
    but I don’t really care because this movie has so much heart, and such a profound energy, that I can’t help but give this five stars

Recent reviews

  • The Color of Friendship

    The Color of Friendship


    crazy fucking bioscope

    honestly a great movie
    very informative for a G-rated TV Movie made by Disney

    woke as fuck but definitely a justifiably controversial movie both for its time and today

    but yeah I actually really loved this and would like to rewatch it sometime :D

  • How to Hook Up Your Home Theater

    How to Hook Up Your Home Theater


    got a new 70-inch flatscreen like a week ago from Best Buy (Cyber Monday Sale) and it’s been a bit of a pain getting everything set up with the right stand and whatnot

    the whole situation reminded me of this amazing short so I decided to rewatch it with mal n mom :D

    the animation looks great on a tv that fills my whole goddam bedroom wall

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  • Inside



    the whole movie feels like it’s a metaphor… for something?
    is the situation symbolizing art? satirizing modernism? a metaphor for Covid-19?

    I saw this with my friend edvaark and I think his thoughts are pretty much the same as mine
    I wish there was more substance! like literally it’s so frustrating, I spent the whole movie trying to figure out the subtext; I feel like it’s being dangled in front of me the whole time and I just can’t reach…

  • Beau Is Afraid

    Beau Is Afraid


    I guess I just feel a very strong connection to this movie
    I’ve been wanting to watch this ever since I first saw Ari Aster’s two other features about three years ago

    less than one year ago, I started taking psilocybin and I can not put into words how it has positively changed my life
    every high dose trip is an existential experience in which you feel like you’re reliving every memory you’ve ever had
    it puts the entire exist…