Batman ★★★★½

I don't know if it was based on what happened to me today, but this movie is just so much better than how I remembered it. It really does define how we see Batman today and without this movie and Michael Keaton's masterful and completely different take on the character, we never would've had The Animated Series, The Dark Knight Trilogy or Ben Affleck as Batman. I really do love this movie, heart and soul. It's so pure in that Tim Burton isn't trying to go psycho depressingly weird and uncomfortable with it, and it isn't trying to set up a franchise or try and convince you to go see a sequel, it's just trying to be a good movie that both creates a myth for new audiences and give service to every Bat-fan out there. Things were simpler then...

If some of you aren't aware of what went on today (which is most of you), out of pure chance, I met and had a brief but nice conversation with Michael Keaton himself while walking down a street in Manhattan. Now, I know this really is nothing to you all, that it's just some cool experience I had that I can showcase to you all (which I'm totally going to do forever), but obviously to me, it meant so much more. There I was, standing face to face with one of my idols, trying not to be overly shy, nervous or douchey about his work, and I thought to myself "Hey, look at who you're talking to. Look at where you are and who you're standing next to. This is what it feels like to stand with a giant, and this is just the beginning."
Fate and I have an interesting relationship, and no, I'm not talking about a stripper named Fate (although that could arguably be equally as interesting...). I don't think everything in the world is all connected to one huge web, and I'm not deeply religious at all, but I do believe that some things happen for a reason, one that defies logic. I know I'm sounding overly dramatic right now, and you guys can tell me I'm being silly, but hear me out first: I think me meeting Mr. Keaton on the street today was truly meant to happen. It was so random and out of left field that it had to be just dumb luck, but the fact that I didn't just pass by him and that I actually got to talk to him and he wasn't completely annoyed by my being there and was actually very kind and sincere (especially since he clearly had somewhere to be at the time) convinces me that I shouldn't back down from what I've always wanted to do. I want to direct. I want to write. Hell, I even want to act. I want to make a damn movie, and after today, I know nothing will stop me from doing that. It will be hard and it will be a long road, but if it was easy, then it wasn't worth it. I will be in this industry, and even though it was simply a cool experience that I had on vacation, it added fuel to fire.

 But regardless of all of that, I do want to say that Mike really is just one of the nicest guys in the buisness, and I'm not just saying that because I met him. Our quick conversation didn't have anything to do with movies or where I wanted to be in life, but regardless of that he did care about what my family and I had to say and that really was all I could've asked from him. He's a great man and an amazing actor and that's why he's one of my heroes and not just "an actor who played Batman and will be The Vulture". I hope that some day, I will get to see him in person again and thank him for taking a picture with and actually talking to me for 1 and a half city blocks. 

Movies are fucking great.

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