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  • ...And Justice for All

    ...And Justice for All


    A restrained Pacino fights himself through the american legal system and is almost broken by it. Heavy on the comedic and farcical side at times but never lets you off the hook.

    Jeff: Some... somebody beat me up...
    Arthur: Why?
    Jeff: I dunno, I didn't ask.

  • The Laughing Policeman

    The Laughing Policeman


    In the last 20 minutes this film kind of forgets what made it strong before that. Otherwise a great police procedural with a real nose for details. The examination of the crime and the scene in the morgue are exceptionally done.

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  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange


    This was fun! Especially on the big screen. Excels in exciting & dazzling visuals that manage to distract from the lackluster action bits. Cumberbatch tries to do a minor Tony Stark which is fine but of course, good old Benedict ain't no Robert Downey. Liked the jokes in between and I respect the fact that Derrickson & Co. decided to do something slightly different but kinda noble for the finale. On the other hand this feels like textbook origin storytelling at certain times which makes for a very safe but at times boring movie.

  • Zero Dark Thirty

    Zero Dark Thirty


    THE definition of manhunt in the most gripping way possible and excels in a pulse-pounding finale.