2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★★

70mm DTS presentation || Music Box, Chicago

The Monolith represents everything good and bad about mankind. It accelerates our evolution, but also provides the tools that hinder us. However, we hinder ourselves at our own discretion. The ape ancestors use their tools of progress against one another. The evolved humans use their technology until it grows, spirals out of control, and turns against them — they (we?) lose grasp of their tools (see: the infamous pen floating out of Heywood's hand and, of course, HAL 9000). What's to come for the Starchild then? Will the next step in human evolution finally see man rise above his seemingly destined self-destructive path, or will his progress enabled by the cosmos finally be wielded for good, as our new celestial godform rears its gaze towards Earth? These questions are left vague and unanswered, intentionally. Arthur C. Clarke is, of course, noted to have said that if you come away from 2001 with more answers than questions, you watched it wrong — and rightfully so.

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