47 Meters Down ½

This movie was made by:
- a director whose career is now over
- a DP who knows the craft of camera but not the art, also thinks slow motion makes everything better
- a writer whose research consisted of skimming the Wikipedia page on the bends
- an editor on cocaine
- a sound mixer who records all the sound at the exact same level

This movie features:
- characters narrating their every fucking move
- open sea swimming without flippers
- an opening 20 minutes that might as well be a commercial for vacationing in Mexico
- obvious Foley
- CGI sharks
- a soundtrack less explicable than Fifty Shades Darker's
- an underwater intercom system that is neither consistent nor realistically plausible (they have no earpieces how do they hear each other)
- a dumb third act twist that's the shark movie equivalent of "it was all a dream"
- no payoff whatsoever

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