Y Tu Mamá También

Y Tu Mamá También ★★★★½

Y Tu Mama Tambien is an incredible film about friendship, trust and sexuality. It beautifully captures rural Mexico and has a true sense of place that I found extraordinary. It acts as a fantastic companion film to Roma in my opinion. Roma gives an intimate picture of the women in Alfonso Cuaron's life as a child in a city that he loves and this film gives a nostaligic and honest depiction of youth through the rural backwoods of Mexico. And both films are set against political backdrop that helps give the films a sense of time.

The performances are all excellent. The core three cast members feel so natural and have this chemistry that seems like it would be impossible to fake. When emotions are high, you genuine feel the stakes and strain that is being put on the individual relationships. It's heartbreaking but true to life.

The way the film is shot is also incredibly satisfying. In true Alfonso Cuaron fashion, there are many long takes of people talking and bantering. The presentation itself isn't flashy and doesn't insist upon itself but still finds a way to capture the beauty of each individual moment in this film. It does feel slightly nostalgic but seeing as the film is a reflection on the director's youth, it's appropriate.

I absolutely love personal filmmakers like Cuaron. He puts his heart and soul into his films and it really shines through. His personality and memories are interwoven into every frame and it makes for such a warm watch. His technical ability is incredible yet he never leaves you cold like some technical filmmakers tend to. His a true auteur and one I'm incredibly happy has been getting his due praise in recent years.

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