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  • A Moment of Innocence

    A Moment of Innocence

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I've realized why I love this film so much. Well for one, it will always remain an enigma. It begins so lightly and with such naïveté that viewer is subject for a total mind-melt-- and I believe those initial moments where the deeper layers of this film begin to unfurl can be considered the most shocking "twist" in any film I've ever seen. I can feel my mind pulsating when these parallel realities emerge in what is the most unsuspecting…

  • Salaam Cinema

    Salaam Cinema

    I'm a fan of Makhmalbaf's work but this film gets to be a bit condescending if not completely tedious. Even still, there's a charm and level of heart here that makes it a worthwhile viewing. It's sore nostalgia at this point to consider a time when the masses valued cinema. But somehow in this piece I found myself more interested in all of the bizarre cutaways to the "crew," who I recognize as actors from other Iranian films, than the often repetitive gag he pulls on the many Iranians that "audition" for Salaam Cinema.

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  • The NeverEnding Story

    The NeverEnding Story

    Parallels to Miyazaki are tempting. There's a certain depth of wisdom missing from this piece that would nullify a true comparison, or rather an invitation to that echelon of storytelling. The visual imaginings of this film however are to die for. You want only to purchase a plot real estate inside its many dreamy scenes and live there forever!

  • The Ornithologist

    The Ornithologist