• Model Shop

    Model Shop

    Absolutely love this film. Perfect double with Inherent Vice at the New Beverly which I guess is because of Once Upon A Time... In Hollywood. I heard that Harrison Ford was supposed to play the lead but “wasn’t famous enough.” Can you imagine how much better this film would be without Gary Lockwood? I shouldn’t be so ungrateful though for some of the most lovely wandering hangout melancholy I’ve seen on the big screen. It really captures a lovely, rare spirit. Also taken by how benevolent all of the people George runs into seem. It brings an air of complete vulnerability and innocence to the decaying mileu.

  • Inherent Vice

    Inherent Vice

    Truly one of my favorites.

    Only this time did I happen to notice Steven Mnuchin as an EP... the conspiratorial whirlwind of the film is brought to a meta context...

  • Topology of Sirens

    Topology of Sirens

    Y’all don’t know what you’re in for with this gem...

  • Ham on Rye

    Ham on Rye

    I just watched Ham on Rye. My first time in several months. I haven’t seen it all the way through since our film festival run really started to take off. This may very well be my last time giving it a look. I have to review this cut for its final delivery to our distributor, Factory 25. I thought that this could be a good time to write about my experiences in making the film and some lingering sentiments. I…

  • Lost Paradise

    Lost Paradise


  • Blinded by the Light

    Blinded by the Light

    Seen at Deauville American Film Fest, France, where I am with my father who keeps mistakenly pronouncing it as Doo-Ville and turned to me during the film to clarify that it was very good.

  • Some Came Running

    Some Came Running

    I am changed

  • The Silence of the Lambs
  • Un Flic

    Un Flic

    Surprised to see a lack of love here. The cutting, sound design and shot writing coalesce immaculately for the film's entire duration. Seriously mesmerized by this piece. Melville went out with a hypnotic bang!

  • Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

    A heart with an asterisk for some creepy conservative bs imbued in an otherwise spectacular film. The second time worked even better.

  • Scarecrow


    Congo line scenes are my achilles heel

  • The Mountain

    The Mountain

    The first viewing didn't take me although I enjoyed it. After the second it became apparent to me how important The Mountain is in modern American cinema. It's rare in these times to find a movie so precise. Every cut reveals a wonderful new, immaculately composed shot. If this isn't the year's best film it is undoubtedly the best art direction in recent memory. There is a hypnosis and musicality that drives the momentum until the very last scene-- and…