Champions ★★★

Even though their glory days are far behind them, I really like the Farrelly Brothers and their sense of humour (when it works). They've made comedies that are in my top favourites of all time (Dumb & Dumber, There's Something About Mary), as well as a couple that I think are underrated and don't get enough love (Shallow Hal, Stuck On You). Peter Farrelly had great success with his first solo outing so I was curious to see how Bobby would do.

Champions could've been better but does slightly work because of the performances and dynamic between the basketball team and the coach, played by Woody Harrelson. I thought the movie succeeded when it tried to pull on the heartstrings and focused on the more wholesome aspects between the team. The pacing and length was an issue as the runtime is too long and you can start to feel it in the third act. There's clichès left and right and a forced romance. The comedic side didn't always work but there were times where I laughed.

As I said, the movie had just enough to enjoy about it and was a passable experience, but isn't worth going out of your way to see in theatres.

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