Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day ★★★★★

Day 118 out of 365:

I watched with subtitles for the first time today and realised that multiple lines of dialogue are repeated by the characters even before the time loop.

Here is a list of lines I noticed that are repeated by characters before Phil gets stuck in the time loop:

• Phil says "look out" during the forecast scene two times
• Phil says that the blizzard is going to "hit altoona" three times
• Kenny says "yeah" two times
• Larry says "Prima donnas" two times
• Ned says "hey" five times
• Ned says "Bing" three times
• Ned says "right" six times
• Phil says "on me in three, two, one" two times

If I notice any more repeated lines before the time loop I will edit this review and add them to the list. I didn't manage to count the words "Phil", "Ned", "blizzard" or "groundhog" so I'll do that tomorrow.

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