Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day ★★★★★

Day 80 out of 365:

I started a Twitter account a few days ago where I’ll be sharing a lot of my extra thoughts on Groundhog Day so if you have an interest in Groundhog Day then I’d definitely check it out (the links in my bio).

Today has been the third time I’ve been ill watching Groundhog Day and my experience has pretty much been the same each time. I struggled to keep my eyes open during the diner and bar scenes but the Ned Ryerson scene managed to keep me distracted from how I was feeling.

Only 20 days until day 100 so I’m getting ready to work on the Heidi II script. Hopefully it’s gonna be a lot of fun to write and I can be as creative as Danny Rubin when he wrote the screenplay for this movie.

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