Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day ★★★★★

Day 96 out of 365: 

Today I noticed that the line “Diane Kingman looks at sex and violence in the movies, stay with us” is a reference to Groundhog Day, the movie that the line is said in. Very meta. If you don’t understand what I mean, let me explain.

When people talk about sex and violence in movies it is always negative. Many news stations around the world have interviewed people about it and one of my favourite tv shows “Family Guy” even jokes about it in their theme song.

People say that sex and violence in movies is meaningless. I even read something yesterday about someone saying sex scenes add nothing to tv shows and they essentially ruin what could be a great show. While I don’t necessarily agree (since everyone takes it to the extreme) I still see the point and this movie sees it too and jokes about it. 

The two main things that Phil tries to do in this movie is have sex with women and commit suicide. Phil goes on to learn near the end of the movie that killing himself solves nothing and having meaningless sex is in fact, meaningless. 

Which brings me to my point of what I realised today. The two main things that happen in the movie are sex (Phil and Nancy Taylor) and violence (the suicide scenes). The film jokes at the meaningless of them with the “Diane Kingman” line and while it is a short line I find it very incredible that it can have so much meaning in so few words.

The fact that this didn’t win best screenplay when it came out was a disgrace and I hope the academy have learned from their mistakes because I doubt a movie as well written as this will ever be made again.

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