Kidnapping Stella ★½

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A good friend of mine wanted to watch this movie and because it was on Netflix I thought "why not?". I knew two of the actors from German comedies, which by the way are mostly really bad and unenjoyable. But hey, at least I like them as persons pretty much.

Sadly the movie feels way longer than it actually is and some illogical circumstances, for example a really empty spot in Berlin (I was in Berlin man times because my grandparents live there and I can tell you one thing, at this daylight you won't find an empty place like that for so long) or the big amount of illogical decisions by every single character aren't helping the movie to feel less... long and not good.
And as I just said, the characters are stupid. Really stupid. I was shaking my head many times and because of that stupidity you really can't sympathise with any of them. The acting is mostly fine, but the characters are obviously shit and you can't really blame the actors here in my opinion.
The cinematography was actually good and I liked some shots very much, but the score/soundtrack was replaceable and just a typical crime drama score that we've heard a hundred times before.

Kidnapping Stella is really dumb and the characters are unlikeable, but the technical aspects are actually surprisingly good. If you're able to ignore such things like illogical decisions or unrealistic circumstances/actions, you might enjoy this movie, but if not you probably shouldn't watch it.


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