Chinatown ★★★★★

Intoxicating. Its very reminiscent to of one of my favorite films, Vertigo. In that it begins as a simple detective story that gets deeper and more complex than you could ever imagine. The protagonist gets pulled into something big, something that was a facade and turns into a terrifying journey.

I was so pulled in by Chinatown. I hate to throw the P word around, but I need to. The film is near perfection. I was captured by its magic. Jack Nicholson was a site to see. Its hard to take your eyes off the guy. So pure and earnest in his performance. Faye Dunaway was intriguing throughout.

But if you know me, you know that Score is important. The score in Chinatown is absolutely incredible. Its a classic Film-Noir sound. A haunting trumpet solo. Combined with the beautiful shots of an old gritty Los Angeles was just oh so enchanting. I read that they did plan to have JJ Gittes voiceover narration, But Polanski chose to not go through with it. I think that was a genius move. With no narration the film is more mysterious and the music is more penetrating to the soul.

5/5-------- MASTERPIECE

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