Escape from New York

Escape from New York ★★★★★

This is my very first REWATCH of a JC film. I've gotta say, me thinks they only get better. After listening to the FILMJUNK Premium of John Carpenter part 2, some complaints that were made about this movie, were about the pacing. I don't agree. The intro is exciting and fun but I kinda like how things slow down a bit once Snake gets inside. In fact I don't think the movie ever really gets THAT slow. The tension that is there is constant. What is Snake gonna face around the next corner? WHO KNOWS!!!

Let's just take a few minutes to praise the score.... MMM MMMM MMMMM.... SO GOOD! 

The cast? What a cast!!!!

The dukes car.

The score that plays when the duke first shows up! I loves it!

Donald Pleasence? In a blond wig? 

The red egg escape pod!

I'm just rambling.... sorry not sorry... JC TILL I DIE!

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