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  • Don't Look Under the Bed

    Don't Look Under the Bed


    My friend said this movie is just the white girl blaming the innocent black man the whole movie while the old white guy is the real villain lmao.

  • Nomadland



    Those Amazon warehouse scenes give me PTSD

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  • The Color of Friendship

    The Color of Friendship


    Better than Green Book lmao.

  • Waves



    Fuck Trey Shults dawg. For a film that is being marketed as this empathetic film about a black family, it sure does feed into the “black men are toxic” propaganda. How Lucas Hedges is given more emotional depth and care than the young black LEAD in the film is troubling. 

    Also the needle drops fucking sucked, and I love all those songs. It just came off as so fucking forced and try hard.