It's time for another Kathy's Korner where my mom and I watch a movie and talk about it. We just watched Creed

Mom: Great movie. I wasn't a big rocky fan, but I watched rocky. This was a great movie. I was a bit bored during the beginning of the movie, checkin Facebook. All of a sudden, it got me. Sylvester Stallone aged, he really looked like an old man. He looked old. Not that I ever thought he was a good lookin dude, but now he looks like my father. I was off my couch 10 times, boxing. I wanted him to kill that bastard. Knock him out! It was a good story. I cursed a lot. Maybe too much. Said a lot of harsh words to that Irish dude. Did like him. Cocky son of a bitch. Needed to get pulverized. Wanted to see his brains get splattered across the mat. I thought Sylvester Stallone was gonna die or something. There's gonna be a sequel. I told ya guys with Taken 3, there's be a sequel. Mark Kathy's Korner. And I'll be there. It got me. I'm a Creed fan. I'm a creed fan. I don't like when he told Sylvester off, but uhh I loved Apollo's wife's house. If I hit lotto I'm getting a house like that. I said every profanity watching that fight, I wanted him to take that irish- dude down, he was such a cocky son of a bastard. I was riled, and then I cried. what part did I cry? Did I tell you guys? My sons home. I watched a movie with my son home. It's a very merry christmas.

Me: You cried after the fight

Mom: When he won? Well to me he won. He pulverized the bastard, and for 10 seconds longer he would have been the new champ, so you know its gonna go on. 

Me: Creed II is already in the works

Mom: I TOLD YOU! I Told ya. Told ya.

Me: How did you like Michael B Jordon as Adonis?

Mom: He's the black dude?


Mom: He was good, very good. 

Me: Did you like the subplot with the girl?

Mom: Well they always have to have someone in there for some sex

Me: How many stars?

Mom: 4 boxing gloves. Everybody stays tuned, the next one is coming out. I wish a Merry Christmas to all my Kathy's Korner followers, I wish only the best movies for us in 2016!

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