Room 237

Room 237. 

2 + 3 + 7 = 12

There was a Shining miniseries in 1997. 1997 - 12 = 1985

In 1985 Jack Nicholson (star of The Shining and The Bucket List) was in Prizzi's Honor. Prizzi's Honor has a 2.17 hour run time and a 6.8 on IMDB

2.17 * 6.8 = 14.7. Let's just round that up to 16.

Danny Shelmerdine (assistant cameraman for the shining) has 16 letters in his name. 

I know someone named Danny. He's pretty cool. Cool? If you change up the consonants in the word cool you get moon.

Stanley Kubrick faked the moon landing. My mom watched the moon landing. She was born in Germany on an army base. Germany? Army?

The Shining was a response to both the faked moon landing and the holocaust. The genius who also discovered this name is Geoffrey Cocks or Professor Geoffrey Cocks.

If you scramble Professor Geoffrey Cocks you get Gyroscopes Frock Serf Foe.

Gyroscopes are used to maintain stability, frock means to provide with a woman or girl's dress, and serfs are agricultural laborers bound under the feudal system to work on their lord's estate. 

So Kubrick is saying that to maintain stability we should adorn in frills the enemy of the agricultural worker. In this statement he says that the proletariat should be put down by the well dressed bourgeois, really driving home the anti-communist aspects of the film.  

Communism and feudal relations are addressed in the THIRD chapter of the Communist manifesto.

Room 237 gets 3 stars.

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