Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

It's kinda like Kill Bill, except not at all.

They both have the same plot on the most basic level, a girl plots violent revenge on the man who has wronged her in the past. But that's about it. This movie stands out as a complex character film, not just about revenge.

The movie constantly jumps around in time to keeping building the characters, and most of the time it works really well. It reminded me a lot of Orange is the New Black with the focus on the other women in the prison. A few times though these cuts in time were kind of confusing, but overall they really added to the movie.

You can't really compare this movie to Oldboy. I like Oldboy more, but this movie has its own merits and it's own strengths. Oldboy's plot had more twists, and more mystery, which this movie didn't, but it would work with those things. Sympathy for Lady Vengeance was a better character study. It had some fucked up, hard to watch scenes, like Oldboy. The directing was great throughout, and the soundtrack really worked well in a few scenes.

It's a depressing, intense, and gripping revenge movie with a badass heroine. It's not like Kill Bill at all, except it kinda is.

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