Moonrise Kingdom ★★★½

So there was nothing wrong with Moonrise Kingdom, but there was nothing I really loved about it either (apart from maybe Edward Norton). I felt the movie went on for just a little too long, and the middle of the third act could have been better.

I also would have preferred more focus on Sam and Suzy throughout the movie as they were the basis of the film. The two of them needed a more realistic, more human relationship. The kids didn't talk like kids, which always pulls me out of a movie. This got a little better as it went on, but the chemistry between the two characters never really reached an apex in my opinion. Child actors are always difficult, but the two in this movie did better than most, and I think the fault lies mainly with the script. I'm probably making this sound like a bigger deal than it is, though. The movie is still pretty great, in spite the flaws. I enjoyed the love triangle of Bill Murray, Bruce Willis, and Frances McDormand, for example. There were some really great moments from these actors, and their complicated adult situation contrasted well with the budding relationship of Sam and Suzy. Still, there were many scenes with these characters that began to drag as the film went on and, again, I was hoping for the focus to remain on Sam and Suzy overall.

This is the least inspired of Wes Anderson's films. If it had been made by a different director I would be able to pass it off as a "pretty good movie", but because it's Wes Anderson I was hoping for a little bit more. Something feels off the whole way through in Moonrise Kingdom, almost as if Anderson got bored while making it and decided to save his energy for The Grand Budapest Hotel instead.

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