Killjoy ★★

I honestly find it kind of amusing that Full Moon give 'Killjoy' and its sequels an almost 'flagship' status in their catalogue of movies. Alongside 'Puppet Master', 'The Gingerdead Man' and 'Evil Bong', whenever Full Moon advertise their 'Classics' this movie is usually one of the ones that gets wheeled out and held up.

And yet, even on their own streaming service they not only can't be arsed to have the original film available in HD (it's literally just their 2000's era DVD release ripped and uploaded) but they couldn't even be bothered to quality check the film, because I've seen this thing multiple times now and the frame rate is stuck somewhere between 16 and 19 fps and it looks absolutely atrocious for it. That's not even mentioning the lack of accessibility featured like Closed captioning.

Not that ANY of the above really matters because 'Killjoy' isn't really very good (in my opinion I might add) What we have here is a kind of supernatural slasher (Think 'Wishmaster', 'Nightmare on Elm Street', 'Candyman' to a lesser extent) with an all black cast in which the central plot seems to be that some 'Gangsters' catch a nerdy guy sheepishly asking one of the gang members girlfriends out on a date.

They promptly beat him up and on getting back to his apartment he summons the powers of a demon known as 'Killjoy' unfortunately the summoning doesn't work quick enough as the Gangsters return and kill him, but it doesn't take long for Killjoy to finally materialise and seek revenge on the living.

And quite honestly, this thing wasn't really for me. The scripts incredibly clunky and struggles on settle on a late in terms of whether it wants to be serious and gritty or over the top and silly. It aggressively flip flops between these two styles across the entire runtime. But, in my opinion at least, it just doesn't gel well and felt more like tonal whiplash than anything else.

The pacing is very stop/start, the act structuring is super basic and the transitions are clunky. And not helping matters, almost all of the cast are either forgettable beige as characters or BEYOND annoying.

Our lead villain in this (I'm not even sure if his name IS Killjoy here. I don't think he's called by name in this movie) is arguably one of the most irritating supernatural villains I've ever seen. Take the most grandstanding aspects of Freddy Kruger, remove all the wit and charisma and throw in a crap ton of totally 'filler' grade swearing and you have a main villain whos utterly unwatchable in almost every sense.

The fact the script doesn't even really give him much to do (seriously there's like 3 kills across a 90 minute window, and they even bungle those) and yet they make him a presence throughout the film. Is just insufferable.

The death knell for the script on this thing is the dialogue, which is just...SUPER basic and feels in places like a first draft. It's over long, convoluted, they don't bother showing at almost any point...3/4 of the way into this film they do a flashback review of the last 3/4 of the movie! HOW BAD DOES YOUR MOVIE HAVE TO BE THAT YOU NEED TO FULLY RECAP IT 60ISH MINUTES IN!?!

The cine is passable fine for early 2000s low budget horror, at least they bothered to work some colour into proceedings and there's a stab at some creative lighting that is of note. But they go way overboard with cheap CG effects that have aged horribly, and the end result is a passable film that's dragged down by overeliance on poor effects.

The directions bland too, this thing could be ANY full moon film between 1998 and 2005, its lifeless, by the numbers 'Gun for hire' fodder and the lack of individuality on this thing just really made it a passive viewing experience for me.

The soundtrack is a mix of discount rap tracks and Richard Bandesq generic full moon scoring. I dislike it, I have nothing more to say. There's 300 odd movies Full Moon have put out that sound EXACTLY like this.

In fact, the only positive thing I can say is, broadly the performances arnt awful. The actor playing Killjoy himself REALLY throws himself into the role, giving a hideously animated and irritating performance that'd VERY suiting of the character, and our 'heros' for the picture are a slight cut above the usual total beigeness that these full moon films offer. I know that's a backhanded compliment. But they are better than the average for these types of movies, they animate, believable deliver their lines and didn't make me want to turn the movie off. So I see that as a plus.

All in all though. I came away more irritated than anything else with this movie. In some regards its doing the best with what it's got to work with. But in others, it's an indecisive, bland mess of a movie that absolutely isn't worth the 90 minutes it takes to sit through it.

And, please, if anyone who has a connection to Full Moon sees this. Get a line in to your streaming division and get them to reupload this thing in 24fps PLEASE.

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