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From classic VHS beginnings in the 80s and 90s, we strive to keep the memory of ultimate action movies alive and kicking butt!

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  • Hawk's Vengeance

    Hawk's Vengeance


    "What a fun ride it has been going through the catalog of the one and only Gary Daniels. From kickboxing champion to becoming a legend in the DTV (direct to video) world in the 90s. There is certainly no shortage of kick-ass content to indulge in. While I wouldn’t say I’d put it above my favorite Daniels titles like Riot or Cold Harvest, Hawk’s Vengeance is in my top 5 easily, for the sheer brutal and merciless attitude Daniels has against his foes." - Andrew Babcock, UAMC contributor

    Read the full review here: ultimateactionmovies.com/gary-daniels-hawks-vengeance/

  • Extraction


    "Well, the mainstream critics on Rotten Tomatoes and the politically correct cinema fashionistas of Screen Rant find Netflix’s Extraction (2020) “problematic,” “regressive,” and packed with “aimless violence.” Instead of celebrating the diverse, international cast tearing through one of the most gripping action movies made in the past 10 years, these reductionists see a white guy shooting a bunch of brown people. I suppose they missed Randeep Hooda’s stellar performance and his character’s equally impressive body count. Not to mention, he…

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  • Point Break

    Point Break

    An awful, awful film. If Thanos could snap anything out of existence it would absolutely be this remake to the ultimately perfect 1991 classic.

  • Die Hard

    Die Hard

    A movie so ultimate and awesome that it basically spawned its own genre of knock-offs. Die Hard is everything you want in an action movie. It has shootouts, it has guerilla combat, it has funny one-liners, it has sophisticated and scary bad guys, it has holiday cheer! Representing Bruce Willis' finest role, Die Hard has the best villain in action movie history - and it's not even close! Die Hard should be watched not just every Christmas, but every month. Every week. Hell every day. Why aren't you watching it right now!?

    Read more here: bit.ly/2UYwZ9u