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  • Electra Glide in Blue

    Electra Glide in Blue


    Yikes! This movie has a bleak as fuck ending and outlook on humanity in general. I'd say the ending of The Mist hit me a bit harder but man, this is similarly brutal. I really enjoyed watching Robert Blake. He has charisma for days and the character of Big John is so damn fun to watch. He's a prick to the people he pulls over (in the nicest possible way) and a bit of a bumblehead, but I couldnt help…

  • Double Down

    Double Down

    Another in the “Stars need not apply here" vein of film. In honor of Breen this review may be a bit rambling and muddled.

    So..this film APPEARS to be about a man who is able to control the infrastructure of the ENTIRE WORLD with a handful of never-on laptops, flip phones that are rarely dialed yet always work and a satellite dish that appears to need repeated visual contact to work. He can access all the money and information he…

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  • The Levelling

    The Levelling


    Yesterday, I randomly messaged my god daughter to remind her the world is made better by her presence. There's been no hardship as of late, none of the typical reasons people send such messages. I just did, because it's true, and I wanted to remind her of that fact. After watching The Levelling I was so damn glad I did and it made me want to run down a list of people important to me and tell them the same.…

  • How to Talk to Girls at Parties

    How to Talk to Girls at Parties


    Under the Skin meets Sing Street. Very much wears its heart on its sleeve in a way that will be off-putting to some but I enjoyed its wacky vulnerability.