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  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water


    An alright fairytale. Good work on the set design. I can still smell it.

  • Possessor



    Not sure how I felt about this. The violence felt on one hand over indulgent...like a white knuckled decision made before even the script was finished...but on the other hand dreamlike. Is Riseborough’s character driven to extremes in order to discover cracks in her reality? The movie looked insanely good and as much as I got a strong whiff of his father’s movies, this also felt like it shared the same universe as Winding Refn’s Neon Demon. Looking forward to his next movie.

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  • Gorky Park

    Gorky Park


    “You on the outside and me on the inside looking at you from the morgue”. Fun times ahead.

    Underrated Cold War era noir banger. Absolute killer cast. Brian Dennehy, Lee Marvin, Joanna Pacula, Richard Griffiths, Ian McDiarmid (Emperor Palpatine) and bloody Alexei Sayle! Not to mention William Hurt doing the William Hurt thing...detached and mildly disgusted with sudden erratic outbursts. I feel like the real William Hurt would dismiss the loss of a friendship but rage over a poorly cut…

  • Night of the Comet

    Night of the Comet


    “I’m not crazy, I just don’t give a fuck” 

    This was way more fun than I expected. I get why people bang on about it. An imperfect left of the dial indie apocalyptic zombie zinger. The black humour and satire that runs through Repo Man and Night Of The Comet is shared in future off beat classics like Society, They Live and even Starship Troopers. Great to see two strong female protagonist not being overtly sexualised (look, there is some…