Easy A ★★★★

this film sucks more and more each time i watch it like the music is so so so bad and the fashion??? it's the same problem i have with mean girls like where is the iconic look? are we so devoid of any sense of identity in the new millenium that we cannot create a new teen style trend?

that said olive's interactions with her family still win me over every single time because its pure and natural and i just wish tucci was my dad.

still think it's bollocks that they had to keep olive pure by not having her have any sex, it totally undermines any message the movie was trying to say because no matter what, at the end of the day olive is still a pure little virgin and she will take her socially constructed piety and have a magical experience of giving her flower away to the person she loves blah blah fuck it just get fingered up the skatepark like the rest of us jesus christ.

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