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  • Chickboxer



    chick boxer is kind of a pure piece of cinema, sov but with a of heart, chick boxer could be easily derided and im sure it has been but i felt a lot of warmth in this pure 80s "taking down the bad guys will solve my problems" formulae. i might be drunk when im writing this but i really enjoyed it, for a film i onlhy watched because michelle bauer is in it i came away pleasently surprised.

  • Death Mask

    Death Mask


    i didnt understand this film at all and i only watched it to be a linnea completist. would not recommend.

  • Prayer of the Rollerboys

    Prayer of the Rollerboys


    paul from sleepaway camp is in this!!!!!!!

    i enjoyed this though its running time was certainly felt. the sets were fully realised, haim was good, the trenchcoat wearing rollerboys were ridiculous and i just love a dystopian future with teens, you know?

  • Star Time

    Star Time


    i couldnt put my finger on why i took an instant dislike to this film and then i realised the main guy is the asshole from senior week

  • Scanners II: The New Order

    Scanners II: The New Order


    when this gets going it really sucked me in, it was gross and weird but it was wrapped up in some essentally small town politics. reminded me a bit of The Fly II (but not as good)

  • A Time to Die

    A Time to Die


    traci lords backstory in this movie is absolutely bananas but one thing i liked is the comradere between Lords and her husband's new gf.

  • Dead Man's Curve

    Dead Man's Curve


    matthew lillard doesnt even look remotely like matthew lillard in this poster how has this happened?

  • Sorority House Vampires

    Sorority House Vampires


    part SOV mess, part SOV music promo mess.

  • S.F.W.



    this is either the most scathing, self aware attack on gen x ever put on film or it's genuinely the worst film ever made and I'm leaning towards the first option because there's no way you would play teenage whore over a girl shagging and mean that seriously right?

    if you take this is a response to the angsty 90s grunge movies pandering to teenagers i think it all just clicks into place.

    i can't believe the guy is called SPAB like that is even a name

  • Mommy



    patty is absolutely wonderful but this is some no budget bullshit.

  • And You Thought Your Parents Were Weird!
  • To Sleep with a Vampire

    To Sleep with a Vampire


    the 90s really was the decade for boring experimental vampire movies huh