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  • The Dyatlov Pass Incident

    The Dyatlov Pass Incident


    i absolutely love ex hollyoaks actors being in american horror films its my fav sub genre ilovethissong.gif

  • Ted Bundy

    Ted Bundy


    i watched this movie back when it was released and honestly i forgot about it almost instantly after EXCEPT for a seconds long scene of bundy stealing a potted plant that i seem to think about on a daily basis. that scene was so bizarre to me because it was goofy and funny and this was red bundy and it really threw me off but stayed with me for years.

    revisiting this its all clicked into place since the director also made FREEWAY, its garish and excessive and gleeful which gives the entire thing an unfathomable tone but actually i think i do really like this.

  • Mirror of Death

    Mirror of Death

    possibly the greatest poster of all time but this film is a major letdown. i want to watch every horror film about mirrors though because i can't believe how many there are really

  • Mannequin



    its actually impressive how much better mannequin 2 is to mannequin although seriously kim marry me

  • Die Hard

    Die Hard


    i have to go back to work on monday but the holidays are officially still buzzing in chez robyn as i finally watch die hard for this year, only about ten days too late

  • Dead Above Ground

    Dead Above Ground


    i always knew men who are goths are murderous and untrustworthy

  • They Shoot Divas, Don't They?

    They Shoot Divas, Don't They?


    "is that MACEY GREY?!"

    a spiritual companion to josie and the pussycats, if you poke around enough there's bundles in here to enjoy, its camp af and i love a 'aging diva usurped' story especially after watching all about eve!!

    i watched this for traci lords and for once it actually paid off (she's not actually in it that much, my fellow traci lovers).

  • Common Law Wife

    Common Law Wife


    this is so beautifully matched with any john waters film, divine would have made a great babydoll

  • Westworld



    big deathrace 2000 vibes coming off this film, in the way that deathrace is essentially wacky races, westworld has a cartoonish element to it, with the ping and zoom gun effects and the brave, wonderfully weird choice to put a good old wild west bar brawl right in the middle to plinky plonky music (that's when i knew i was enjoying myself). 

    i often go on and on about hating the 70s which is a shame for me because there's…

  • Leatherface



    a solid entry and some much needed back story on leatherface. i'm not one of those people who are like "please preserve the mystique" nah, just give me as much convulated backstory as you can i live for it.

    there's some lovely settings and shots in this, southern sunsets, dense woods. essentially it's a coming of age road trip movie and how can you hate that.

  • Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

    Attack of the 50 Foot Woman


    allison hayes is everything, harry really did that stranding her in the desert, COWARD.

  • Spider Baby

    Spider Baby


    the texas chainsaw family before texas chainsaw. every shot of this house was full of things i wanted more of an explanation on.