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  • Tokyo Story

    Tokyo Story


    The thing I love about Ozu. Is his ability to expressing human compassion.

    In this film, all the blood related children are ungrateful, indifferent, materialistic, entitled, and take their parents for granted. They sincerely don’t make effort to love the parents. While the widowed daughter-in-law is so giving, caring, generous and make such effort to accommodate the parents-in-law. 

    In pseudo China which I assume Japan had similar culture, women widows are supposed to stay widowed and honor their dead husband…

  • Shock Corridor

    Shock Corridor


    What a sad film

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  • The Irishman

    The Irishman


    I cried about half an hour
    It was a full body cry
    That was a good cry
    I was crying for the pain of the human race
    Of all sentient beings 
    The pain of old age
    The pain of separation 
    Of fearing death 
    Of remorse 
    Of cruelty 
    Of inflicting pain 
    Of receiving pain 
    Of feeling numb 
    Of killing
    The pain of being a fish 
    I was feeling so completely compassionate 
    And detached 
    I realized the only purpose we are here…

  • Dead Souls

    Dead Souls


    almost finished with the first one, will finish it for sure.

    WOW, what a film