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  • One Cut of the Dead

    One Cut of the Dead


    I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard in a theater. The first 45 minutes was a little painful to watch but in the end everyone sit still until the end of credits. If you don't think it was genius, then I don't know what is. POM!!

  • Shoplifters



    "(Does) giving birth automatically make you a mother?". This film will make you question the meaning of "family".

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  • Aruna and Her Palate

    Aruna and Her Palate


    Not as complicated as Edwin's usually be, yet it flows really well through natural dialogues and interesting shots of food. Surprisingly, the comedy works and proves such film doesn't need 'Youtubers' to be funny and great casts is the key. Nicholas Saputra and Dian Sastro also shows their true quality. The only thing that disturbed me is Palari's classic mistake which is the audio dubbing. Surely will watch it again to catch more details.

  • Hereditary



    It's a promising piece the writer couldn't finish. It has all the potentials to be better yet ended up just as a thrilling ride. Reviews say it's good you have to watch it twice to understand, I agree it's confusing at first, that makes me disagree that it's good.