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This review may contain spoilers.

I think it's not hyperbolic to say this film is redefining cinema. How the film blends with the filmmaking process is something I've never seen before. Turns out a film can be very honest as in how Ramirez Escobar (the director) shows her process inside the film and also Leonor (the character) puts resemblance of her life into her script. It's a remarkable exploration on multiple genres that genuinely reflects what Ramirez as a Manila-based filmmaker has experienced. At first I thought the film was only about two "worlds": Leonor's real-life and her imagination, but then the "hospital TV" event changed the film completely into something different; and it didn't stop there. Once again (during QnA I knew the initial script was supposed to end before this), we're introduced to a mind blowing transition that blurs the wall between the film and the filmmaking. It. was. crazy. The fact that Ramirez also crafted most part of the film during post(which is similar to documentary film process) surely will make you question yourself about cinema.

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