Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★½

Well I heeded no warnings and I dove right into this Oscar-winning film yesterday because my roommate has the special edition bluray in her closet and I wanted to see what I'm up against with her. 
The thing that makes this film so terrible is that it think of itself as very, very cool. It probably thinks it is oh so funny and clever and that it's making statements about America or something. I don't want to think about that. The writing is laughable during its best moments and just... dully numbingly hollowly painful most other times. 
I remember seeing others complain about this next topic and I would have to agree that the soundtrack is a huge grievance for me. Some of the songs are good or classics but you can't rely solely on blasting a decent song over your shitty sequence to construct a watchable scene. it's like watching the world's worst music video for hours except instead of seeing actual musicians or anything you have to deal with cara delevigne and crocodile man. Plus the music issue isn't just the soundtrack; I found the score very repetitive and generically video-game style. 
I don't know any DC history so I'm not sure if I can blame Jared Leto for being so beyond excruciating or if part of it is due to the character of the joker but my goodness. My goodness. Meanwhile Robbie gets some of the worst written lines in all of history which she chooses to deliver with a confusingly inconsistent accent... Okay whatever, get your money girl... I'm not one for the scrappy gang of colorful characters cliche under the best of circumstances um so yeah, this was a mistake. I feel so bad for Will Smith. He has a great presence and I think I would enjoy seeing him in things OTHER than THIS. 
Everyone really did warn me of all of this in advance and yet here I am! One more poor decision to add to the pile! Happy Thursday.