Fursonas ★★★

I was dared to watch this movie by a certain individual. I went in not knowing why i was actually doing this. But when I finished, I discovered who i truly was. I am no longer carson, i am Archibald the deer. I just ordered a fursuit and bought a ticket to furrycon. But to be serious, this documentary was fine. I didnt know there was so mich controversy inside the famdom. Like there is this weird guy who like runs a con, but he is controlling. People both hate and love him. It’s pretty weird, also their is this crazy guy in his 50’s who wants to change his name to “boomer the dog” and made his suit out of paper. Yeah people hate him. They keep talking about how the community is so accepting, but it seems like if you do one bad thing, everyone hates you. So to end off, i would like to present something that i learned. I found out that there is a job called a “cocksmith”. If you like furries, you can watch it i guess