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  • The Aviator's Wife
  • Liborio

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  • Vengeance of the Phoenix Sisters


  • Süden


  • Ostwärts


  • The Warm Money


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  • Let the Summer Never Come Again

    Let the Summer Never Come Again


    Low resolution images never looked so beautiful.

    Part tribute to silent film, both fiction and non-fiction. Part novelistic storytelling like Mariano Llinas' Extraordinary Stories albeit in the opposite end of the spectrum with minimum narrations. And the largest portion is devoted to the portrait of city life in Georgia. The entire film functions as how our brain processes memories. Details are sparse, images are fuzzy, but the feelings will remain.

  • Braguino



    The most interesting thing about Braguino is that we only see "the feud" through Braguines' POV. The hatred towards Kilines becomes more and more pathological as the film goes on. Furthermore, Braguine children have to inherit this animosity when they barely understand the reason. The scene of both families' kids staring at each other in particular creates an eerie atmosphere. Ironically, instead of away from civilization, Braguines are preoccupied with the thoughts about other human beings.