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  • The Dreamed Ones

    The Dreamed Ones


    It could have been just a documentary of making an audiobook, or Beckermann could've told it the other way. But her carefully designed staging, editing compelled me to weave a second visual in my mind, "the waiting periods between these letter exchanges." Anticipation or agony fill the gaps of their life. This relationship consequently evolves, and then dissolves.

    On the other note, the authenticity of these letters is never clear. "The Dreamed Ones" takes on a different meaning. Is the longing of two lovers the best love story we all dream to hear?

  • My Name Is Annemarie Schwarzenbach

    My Name Is Annemarie Schwarzenbach


    There's nothing more marvelous than waiting for a woman.

    One of the most unique bio movies i've seen. (The other one I can remember right now is Portabella's The Silence Before Bach.) But even calling this a biopic is selling it short. The scenarios, stemming from a series of casting process, blur the line between fiction and reality, performing a role or performing as herself/himself. All of the scenes are obviously staged, but because the lines Aubouy gives these performers…

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  • Burning



    I knew i was seeing a masterpiece when it's my fifth film of the day but also the only one I was able to stay focused in its entirety. Perhaps just after midnight is the best time to witness its explosive ending unfold?

    Burning is almost never settled into any type of genre. Its beginning suggests a love story, then characters come and go, constantly brushes over the motifs of melodrama, crime thriller and social realism. The fluctuation of form…

  • Le fort des fous

    Le fort des fous


    Le Fort des fous is filled with moments of ingenuity in the first two parts, some of them are among my favorite images (scenes) of the year.

    As for the final segment, at first I also feel frustrated at what Mari takes us. After some thoughts, I prefer to see it as a formal exercise of unfiltered honesty instead of treating it like DVD extra features. The dichotomy of opposite styles complement with each other. It does not necessarily need to be seen separately.