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  • Dogville



    As much as I like how von Trier shot this film, does it have to take this far to prove his (or Grace's) points?

  • Three Lives and Only One Death

    Three Lives and Only One Death


    A Borges-like kaleidoscopic tale seems to be more carefully constructed with less spontaneity than Ruiz's 80s works. But his inventive images keep me fascinated through the whole film. I mean, those dolly zooms are just so exhilarating.

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  • Le fort des fous

    Le fort des fous


    Le Fort des fous is filled with moments of ingenuity in the first two parts, some of them are among my favorite images (scenes) of the year.

    As for the final segment, at first I also feel frustrated at what Mari takes us. After some thoughts, I prefer to see it as a formal exercise of unfiltered honesty instead of treating it like DVD extra features. The dichotomy of opposite styles complement with each other. It does not necessarily need to be seen separately.

  • Meteors



    The explosions in the sky are the ones we need in this world.

    After seeing interviews of innocent citizens, somehow I feel guilty for indulging myself in those beautiful footage of meteors. Sky may alter, but the pain and suffering are still with us.