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  • Interstellar

  • Contact

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  • Interstellar


    While I’m ranting about Contact here’s another purported sci-fi movie that made me want to SELF-HARM. I remember watching this pseudo-intellectual reel of NONSENSE and groaning so hard when all the “hard” Hollywood science was reduced to LOVE IS THE FIFTH DIMENSION. This movie took at least 2 years off my life span from suffering an endless series of RAGE STROKES. How on earth was this movie in any way laudable?? NEVER FORGIVE

  • Contact


    I will never forget being like 10 years old and expecting a cool sci-fi movie only to be VIOLENTLY disappointed by Contact. WTF CARL SAGAN YOU SADIST. Instead of cool alien stuff you give me Jodie Foster with SPACE DADDY ISSUES?!?!? If I wanted to spend two hours on that crap I could just stare in the MIRROR!! I remember being so young and so angry and wanting to roll up and down the aisles screaming in protest. NEVER FORGIVE

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  • Charles II: The Power and The Passion

    Charles II: The Power and The Passion


    Today Helen McCory died and it’s gutting news. What’s even more depressing is that her legacy is being defined by Harry Potter shit and I can’t deal. I think this mini-series is the best performance I’ve seen by Helen on film. She is sublime.