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  • Moon



    I feel like he just accepted he was a clone quite easily? Like he wasn't freaking out, it was just "oh yeah there's another me, pretty cool"

    Otherwise the film was good, cool set design especially for a low budget production. The story was also cool, especially the difference between the two Sams

  • The Woman in Black

    The Woman in Black


    Was alright, not as much of a horror fan as Daisy but still found it enjoyable. The setting worked well as did the characters, I think Victorian/early Edwardian periods are scary anyway so it blends well. Just creepy vibes overall, can't believe it got released as a 12a in cinemas I would be scared shitless as a 12 year old.

  • The Wave

    The Wave


    An interesting take on the experiment done in Cali (of course) in the 1960s. Several events take place are good references to actual rise of National Socialism, and even the teacher is blamed as being at fault which was a nice touch. The ending goes a bit far, which ties in to the one issue with this film. It seems a tad unrealistic that kids would be so devoted and so oblivious to what the teacher was trying to do,…

  • Machete



    A tongue-in-cheek shoot-em-up, it doesn't expect you to take it seriously so it doesn't either. Complete with unnecessarily gory violence, random nude women, and Danny Trejo having every woman at his feet, it's funny and an enjoyable watch. The classic tropes are all there which is lots of fun, such as the vague political element, the rich druglord, political drama, the priest, 16 barrelled shotgun, and a whole lotta revenge.