The Damned

when i first watched this for dirk bogarde, i HATED it, but after finding out it's one of fassbinder's favourite movies and my taste having changed quite a lot since then anyway i wanted to give it another go.

this time around i was vibing with visconti's artistic sensibilities far more and didn't mind the transgressions as much (rather the contrary) to the point that i'm actually sad that i still don't like it. like, yes, it's kind of trashy and let's be honest they didn't solely make this 2.5 hour movie to get the point across that nazis = bad but that mess is exactly what SHOULD make the movie good in my book, except that i was bored for the majority of the runtime. if visconti wanted to have his drag performances and orgies or whatever he could've just left some other parts out!!!!

(besides i am absolutely obsessed with every possible dubbing i was able to find for this, they all sound so bad! literally perfect. i will simply rewatch this until i have stockholm syndromed myself into liking it)

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