Candyman ★★½

sat on my thoughts for a couple days, so here we go. while a remake/spiritual sequel wasn’t anything i wanted in regards to candyman, when the trailers came out i was excited for what could be. but alas, i walked out of the theatre feeling underwhelmed. the message this film was trying to tell was redundant and outdated. In 2021, i just thought we would’ve moved past didactic blm phrases that some black owned company prints on a tshirt for $50.

no doubts that this film was beautifully shot, but there is no visual identity to be found. like the opening aerial shots that were a callback to the 92 version, it felt flat and very cold. even down to the score… all the things that made the original the masterpiece it was— was stripped bare. there was no sensuality, no sense of community, and no haunting presence to make me watch anxious and wide eyed. 

if we’re being honest, a lot of people are being hyperbolic with their praise because that burden we feel to support and uplift black art. but we are doing a huge disservice to the culture when we aren’t honest about what it is our peers are putting out and wanting better. we deserve better.

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