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  • The House

    The House

    It’s just your typical studio comedy film. 

    It takes no risks, the film is predictable from the first minute, and it’s just the same thing you’ve seen before. Seriously, there are no jokes that stood out to me as being new and unique. 

    Sure the chemistry between the leads is good, but that’s about it. 

    Just skip The House, you’ll be glad you did.

  • Voyage of Time: Life's Journey

    Voyage of Time: Life's Journey


    Remember when you watched The Tree of Life and suddenly there were fucking dinosaurs and all of the sudden this deeply personal drama turned into the discovery channel? 

    Yeah, this is a 90 minute version of that sequence. 

    This is a nothing film. It’s a documentary, but it’s a documentary without weight or meaning. Sure it’s supposed to make us ponder our existence, but it just doesn’t have enough substance to warrant a 90 minute film. 

    Basically what you’re getting…

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    La La Land represents everything I love about cinema. 

    Its goal was to make a love letter to classic cinema and it succeeded. It wasn't trying to set up a universe, wasn't trying to get a point across, it was just trying to be a good movie and it does that and more. 

    Everything from its whimsicality to the impeccable dance routines had me in awe when I first saw the film, and had me in awe on the rewatch.…

  • Blade Runner

    Blade Runner


    Mortality is a scary thing...

    We all know we die, but it feels like we live together. We don't give much thought to it, but we know it's going to happen. Mortality is a main theme in this film. Replicants have a four year lifespan, with many wanting to prolong their life, wanting to do more. We're all afraid of not living our life to the fullest. We're always looking toward the future, but we also look back on the…