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  • The War of the Worlds

    The War of the Worlds


    It's solid, I mean, I enjoyed it, but it's nothing too mind blowing or breathtaking. Kinda just some typical '50s sci-fi.

  • Rhythm in the Ranks

    Rhythm in the Ranks


    The animation here is just stunning, especially considering all the coordination between the visuals and music

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  • Jack and Jill

    Jack and Jill


    Something's brewing at D'in' D 
    WOW! Al Pacino! 
    It's not Al any more, 
    it's Dunk. 
    Dunk Accino? 
    Don't mind if I do. 
    ♪ What's my name? 
    ♪ Dunkaccino 
    ♪ It's a whole new game 
    ♪ Dunkaccino 
    ♪ You want creamy goodness, 
    I'm your friend 
    ♪ Say hello 
    to my chocolate blend 
    ♪ Attica, hoo-wah, latte lite 
    ♪ This whole trial 
    is out of sight 
    ♪ They pulled me back in 
    with hazelnut, too 
    ♪ Caramel swirl... 
    l know it was…

  • Bao



    Wow I love Raw (2016)