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  • Into the Wild

    Into the Wild


    Watched this in my English class after finishing the novel it's based on. All in all, it's a solid film adaptation. I'd say that the films only glaring problems is that it's a bit too long, and some of the editing is pretty jarring. The film also strays from the book quite often, but I feel that in some cases it helps to further develop McCandless and the supporting cast. The cinematography in this film is also great, capturing the…

  • John Mulaney: New In Town

    John Mulaney: New In Town


    I can't believe that John Mulaney predicted the female Oceans 8 reboot

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  • La La Land

    La La Land


    La La Land represents everything I love about cinema. 

    Its goal was to make a love letter to classic cinema and it succeeded. It wasn't trying to set up a universe, wasn't trying to get a point across, it was just trying to be a good movie and it does that and more. 

    Everything from its whimsicality to the impeccable dance routines had me in awe when I first saw the film, and had me in awe on the rewatch.…

  • Olaf's Frozen Adventure

    Olaf's Frozen Adventure


    This should've just been a 20 minute ABC special.

    God was it insufferable