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  • Dancer in the Dark

    Dancer in the Dark


    The highlight of this film is the incredible performance by Bjork. For someone who despises the entire process, she gave a performance that was intense and memorable as hell. Those final few moments were absolutely heartbreaking, and Bjork's performance definitely contributed to that. 

    The rest of the film I thought was pretty great, even if it did have some problems. 

    The film follows Selma Ježková, a Czech immigrant who has a fascination with Hollywood and musicals. However, she has a…

  • To the Bone

    To the Bone


    Lily Colins and Keanu Reeves are the best things about this film, and they felt wasted as hell. 

    This film is quirky and relatable to you.....millennials! See, we mention tumblr! 

    Really all I was thinking throughout this film is damn, this is dull as fuck. There are a few emotional parts which will hit close to home if you or anyone you know relates to these characters but other than that, the film is just plain boring. I know boring…

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  • Song to Song

    Song to Song

    i t s m e a n i n g f u l

    i t s a r t 

    p o e t i c c i n e m a

    y o u j u s t d o n t g e t i t

    y o u h a v e t o b e o n e w i t h m a l i c k

    Fuck outta here with that shit, can't you all…

  • La La Land

    La La Land


    La La Land represents everything I love about cinema. 

    Its goal was to make a love letter to classic cinema and it succeeded. It wasn't trying to set up a universe, wasn't trying to get a point across, it was just trying to be a good movie and it does that and more. 

    Everything from its whimsicality to the impeccable dance routines had me in awe when I first saw the film, and had me in awe on the rewatch.…