Bad Boys for Life ★★★½

Happy to report that this film absolutely slaps

It was great to see Martin Lawrence and Will Smith back on the big screen together. Their chemistry never went away, making for some great jokes. Some of the one liners even harkened back to past films in the series, which was a nice little surprise. Sure some of the humor felt a bit forced, but the majority of it stuck the landing. 

The action was also really well done. I felt that it was choreographed really well, and there were quite a few longer takes used and less cutting around. You can actually follow the action, and I’m glad that the directors took that risk because in the end it made for more engaging setpieces. 

You really don’t go into these films for the plot, but I would be lying if I said that this film didn’t try harder than the previous two. For once I think I gave a shit about the plot, mainly because there’s this added poignancy now that Smith and Lawrence are both in their fifties, something that the film touches on. Sure parts of the film drag on a bit too long, and there’s obviously a few far-fetched plot elements, but it balanced the humor and the drama well, and actually made me care about what was going on. 

Bad Boys For Life is just a great time at the movies. The action is bonkers but really well shot, and seeing Will Smith and Martin Lawrence together again was just a treat. I really hope there’s a fourth one of these.

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