Eden ★★★★

House music, one of my favorite genres. The film is a fictional story about an up and coming DJ, set to the soundtrack of classic house musicians like Daft Punk (who actually have a small role in the film). 

The film follows Paul, a young Frenchman and aspiring DJ, from the mid 90's to 2013. The film shows him finding his way, creating music and experimenting with drugs. The film is divided into two parts, but it didn't really need to be. Also, I found the character development to be lacking. It was just hard to care about some of these characters, even when they're put in many dramatic situations. Other than that, I thought the film was great. The best thing about the film was it's soundtrack, which is comprised of house hits throughout the years. Also.....Daft Punk......yes. The characters had great chemistry together as well, adding to the sense of brotherhood some of them have. The film kinda felt a bit repetitive at times, with the same situation being used twice or more. That being said, it's really the music that makes this film what it is. The club scenes were well shot however some scenes, not all, were underlit and I couldn't quite tell what was going on. There was also some decent cinematography in the film, especially during the club scenes. 

It's really a film that you need to see in order to get what I'm talking about. The trailers don't really do a good job at illustrating it. 

Again, the soundtrack alone is worth watching the film for. Music is used impeccably, and is not just used as background noise. Hell, Daft Punk played during a more emotional scene and I almost cried because it was Daft Punk......I need a life. 

While the film isn't as deep as it could've been, I still enjoyed myself. There were some story and technical problems, but for the most part it's a great film. If you like house music, this is for you. Also can't wait to check out more of Mia Hansen-Løve's filmography.

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