Enter the Void ★★★★★

This film is haunting to say the least. Not only is it about drugs, providing us with scenes of characters tripping on DMT, but it's also about life and how it comes full circle. You may think you know where this film is headed until a pivotal moment about 30 minutes into the film, where the narrative is shaken and these themes are presented.

In a way, this is about the time we have here, and how it can be cut short in a mere moment. We see someone die, but then you see him experience the world through different points of view. This character has an out of body experience, something that he doesn't know is happening because of his experience with hallucinogens. It blurs the line between the real world and the afterlife, something that is pivotal to this underlying message of life and death.

There are moments here that are incredibly surreal. Some moments I was filled with anxiety, others staring at the screen, mesmerized at what I was experiencing. A big focal point of this film is its visual presentation. Set in a neon drenched Tokyo, each scene is visually stunning. The visuals also help to create this dreamlike and out of body feeling. It's fitting since we're being narrated by someone who is experiencing life through death. The visuals, which aside from looking just stunning, play an important part in the story, and is a major highlight of the film for me.

Along with the visuals, the sound design helps with creating this dreamlike atmosphere. It's compiled of ambient drones, handpicked by frequent Gaspar Noé collaborator Thomas Bangalter. The ambient soundscape fits the film really well, working hand in hand with the neon visuals to create something spellbinding.

Enter the Void is one of those films where I know that one viewing won't cut it. I know I have to watch this again to get more of the meaning. This was a film that was mesmerizing in terms of its visuals, and surprisingly deep in terms of story. Benoît Debie's cinematography is stunning, as is Gaspar Noé's direction, and are both key components of this film.

I absolutely loved Enter the Void, and it's a film that I feel will only get better with further rewatches. Please check this film out, don't let the nearly 3 hour runtime discourage you.

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